Evaluations and Studies

Our firm has extensive experience with performing evaluations and studies for building owners. Evaluations and studies can be stand-alone projects, or can be done as the first phase of a design project.

These types of projects include:

  • Facility Condition Inspections
    Performed with the entire building design team, these types of studies assist an owner in determining the condition and life expectancy of their facility and its mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems. These projects provide observations, assessments and budget costs for planning for the present and future.
  • HVAC System and Controls Evaluations
    Similar to the facility condition inspection, but focused on older HVAC systems, these projects may also include energy simulations and life cycle cost analysis.
  • Building Energy Simulations
    Computerized building energy simulations are performed in order to optimize the design of the building envelope and orientation, and the selection of HVAC systems, lighting, domestic water heating and other energy consumers. All projects submitted for LEED Certification must have energy simulations performed to indicate compliance with the energy standards.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
    These types of studies look at the long term effect of capital expenditures of construction alternatives. They include the first cost, maintenance cost, energy costs and replacement costs, usually over a 30 year period.
  • Fuel Cost Comparisons
    Fuel cost analysis compares the annual cost of available fuels for heating a building.