Electrical Design

Thompson Consulting Engineers offers a wide range of electrical engineering services for our commercial, industrial and institutional clients.  Safety, energy efficiency, power quality, and flexibility and expansion are fundamental design considerations factored into each of our projects.

  • Power Distribution Systems designed by Thompson Consulting Engineers are safe, reliable and efficient. Projects range from critical facilities operating 24/7 and requiring UPS and emergency generator backup to tenant space build-outs with standard office requirements. Key aspects of our electrical system designs are sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems are provided on our projects in keeping with the objectives of our client’s mission. We work to understand these objectives and integrate them into our projects through our innovative design techniques with an emphasis on energy efficiency, including daylight harvesting and lighting controls.
  • Life Safety/Security Systems continue to increase in importance on every project we do. Our system designs include emergency egress lighting, CCTV, fire detection alarm, access control and intrusion detection.
  • Telecommunications are the backbone of the World’s business today. Our designs provide our clients with much-needed peace of mind when it comes to systems such as data infrastructure, intercom, paging, telephone and sound reinforcement. Our designs will keep you “connected.”