Commissioning of Building Systems

Thompson Consulting Engineers has been involved in building system commissioning since the early 1990’s when the commissioning process was new and the concept was being developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).  Since that time, our firm has provided commissioning services for over 100 projects.  The types of buildings commissioned include K-12 schools, higher education facilities, municipal facilities, offices and laboratories.

Most of our commissioning work is an extension of our design work.  Commissioning services following construction completion has increasingly become an essential component for a successful project.

Thompson Consulting Engineers’ staff includes five certified commissioning agents, each with broad experience in the construction process, including design, problem solving, knowledge of temperature controls and building automation, as well as having excellent communication skills.




  • Prepare commissioning plan
  • Prepare commissioning form (checklists)
  • Head of commissioning team (agent)
  • Witness all tests: pre-start up, start up, functional performance
  • Run commissioning meetings
  • Prepare commissioning report


Project Goals:

  • Review original designs for energy saving opportunities
  • Restore systems to peak performance
  • Implement control strategies to increase efficiency
  • Compare current codes for energy savings, i.e. reduced outdoor air requirements.
  • Retrain personnel
  • Discover and repair inoperable system components
  • Review operating parameters, i.e. system set points (occupied/unoccupied)
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